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EBSCO database access

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Database Info

The database contains the most extensive set of professional journals and popular-science magazines. It covers the areas of film and television theory, history, production, technical aspects, and reviews. It offers books and magazines in English, French, German, etc.

Search Tips

You can easily search by subject terms, authors, work titles, etc.

Searches can be specified by:

  • type of publication (academic journal, book, periodical, encyclopedia),
  • type of document (abstract, book chapter, case study, film criticism, interview, etc.),
  • publication date ...

You can also browse specific issues of journals and magazines. For instance, these periodicals are available:

  • American Cinematographer, 2005 to present,
  • Cahiers Du Cinema, 2003 to present, with selective coverage back to 1987,
  • Film Quarterly, 1990 to present, with selective coverage back to 1988,
  • Iluminace, 2010 to present,
  • JCMS: Journal of Cinema & Media Studies, 1971 to present,
  • Journal of Sreenwriting, 2010 to present,
  • Screen, 1971 to present,
  • Sight & Sound, 2005 to present,
  • Spectator, 1987 to present
  • and hundreds more.

Articles and other sources can be saved into a personal folder. It is possible to download, print, share etc.

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