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International students are responsible for their legal status while in the Czech Republic. In case of being accepted, please start with handling your legal status IMMEDIATELY. It may take even several months to gain long term visa or other necessary status. 

Complete information including providing forms for most cases is given by the Ministery of Interior of the Czech republic

In case you have any doubt regarding visa issues for your specific case, please contact Czech Embassy in your country. 
The list of Czech Embassies and consular missions you can find here

Many other detailed information for Czech visa policy and requirements you find also at the page of the Ministery of Foreing Affairs of the Czech republic

Once a student is accepted, FAMU provides a set of documents needed for visa purposes. 

Once students arrive they are obliged to follow required procedures

Students may forget about prolonging their stay in Czech Republic. Please note that an application for extending the stay on a long-term visa/long-term residence permit can be filed at earliest 90 days and at latest 14 days before the period of the permitted stay expires.


What are the prices of accommodation? 
Prices differ a lot, depending on location and type of accommodation. Approximate price for 3 bedroom flat shared by a group of students varies around 30.000 CZK per month including other fees (like deposit, electricity and gas). Price for 1 bed apartment is approx. 14.000 CZK + fees. It is usual here that the price is being presented separately – there is fixed rent price plus variable fees for gas, electricity and housekeeping. These fees are based on monthly advance, with final surplus or back payment. If you find apartment through agency, it is common that you pay a deposit of 2 rents in advance and possibly agency fees.

Is it difficult to find housing? 
So far, all of our students have found suitable housing in time.

Below are some real estate websites that provide short and long term apartment rentals: 
Prague real estate 
Bez realitky – on this website are announcements placed directly by apartment owners. This website is in CZ only. 

Websites below offer accommodation for expats and prices given here might be slightly higher than on links above. 
Home Sweet Home 
Happy House Rentals

For rentals offered by students themselves you can join FAMU students' FB groups as such FAMU Studenti or  FAMU+HAMU+DAMU.


Each student is supposed to arrange Student Health Insurance in his/her country. The Czech Republic normally recognizes all health insurances valid within EU. Nevertheless, you should check with your insurance office whether this is the case of your particular health insurance – please make sure your insurance is valid in the Czech Republic. 
An outline of medical care in Czech republic you can find here.


To get more information about life in Prague/Czech Republic you can visit:



As in most of continental Europe, the electricity supply in Prague is 220v. Electrical sockets take standard European two-pin plugs. British, North American and other non-European students are advised to bring adaptors with them. Thus, electric power converters are usually necessary if you want to use American – bought products in Prague. Adapters or converters can usually be purchased at your departure airport. If you arrive in Prague without one, try Tesco store or you can go to: Datart Electro. Both stores are on Národní street, Prague 1.


Climate in the Czech republic is quite diverse during the year. During the Winter (December – February) temperature may fall even lower than minus 5 degrees Celsius (23 F) in some places, while in the Summer (June – August) may reach over 30 degrees Celsius (86 F). There are rainy or snowy days as well as sunny days without a cloud, you have to count with it. Little warning: the lower tempratures combined with higher humidity might feel colder than in countries with less humid winters.


The quickest way of calling help is to use the 24 hour free-phone emergency numbers. 
Police of the Czech Republic 158 
City Police 156 
Medical emergency, Ambulance 155 
Fire department 150 
Universal European emergency number 112

More information about Czech Republic can be found here, more information about Prague can be found here here.