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Are you at the crossroads of your studies, or do you want to decide what your main focus is? Are you creative, witty and bold? Do you wish to gain a brief yet comprehensive experience in the fields of directing, cinematography, sound design and editing? Our well-established Summer Filmmaking Initiation Campus can help you focus your creative energy and might provide not only a wealth of knowledge but also some rather sought-after self-knowledge.

The four weeks will transform your view of filmmaking and perhaps make you decide to pursue your dream of a lifetime. Plus you will fall in love with Prague and find new friends. Such has been our experience every year. Our summer course may also serve as your summer university activity; the content of the studies is defined in ECTS credits and upon graduation students obtain a Transcript of Records.

So what are you up to, one thing after another?

  • Good quality accommodation in the wider city center: Students live collectively yet everyone in their own room. Kitchenettes are available, as is a vast array of tasty meals from various outlets in the vicinity. The walk to FAMU leads through the most beautiful part of old Prague. 
  • Many cultural and social activities right after your arrival: These include for example a welcome dinner and basics of Prague’s genius loci.
  • An introductory photography exercise where the quality of your camera does not matter (a mobile telephone is enough) – what matters is a fresh idea and understanding the assignment. 
  • Shooting on a 16 mm film: A collective assignment, individual shoots, a collective composition, and individual experience. 
  • Guest lectures: These are the cornerstone of our entire summer workshop. We try to expose students to various opinions and methods of pro filmmakers throughout the course. 
  • Then the fun ends and hard work begins. Students get to make the final film in a group, with each member participating in screen writing, consulting, and pitching. 
  • Students learn hands-on filmmaking skills under the leadership of experienced experts in the field – you will experience a leap in the initiation to digital cinematography. 
  • Shooting a project under the cinematography, sound design, lighting, and production supervision of the FAMU team. 
  • Editing and postproduction phase 
  • Final showing in the presence of everyone who participated in the summer workshop program.
  • A magnificent farewell. Our summer school concept is based on a simple principle – thorough theoretical and hands-on preparation for the shooting and collective honing of the work from the idea to completion result in above-average outputs, as we have had the opportunity to see every year. The priority is room for individual creative growth, strengthening creative abilities and skills of the craft, and close student-tutor cooperation. Yes, the workshop is intense in terms of both time and energy, but it works. And don’t worry – we have incorporated some leisure time for you in the schedule. The maximum capacity of the Summer School is limited to 16 participants, minimum age of 18. Students do shoot their final film of the workshop on collaborative bases. If you wish to enroll please observe the two following dates – an Early Bird gets a discount!