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Summer Filmmaking Campus 2023



Are you at a crossroads in your studies, or planning a life changing twist? Are you creative, witty and bold? Are you a passionate filmgoer and keen on the filmmaking process?

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for open-minded talented young people who are open to the challenges presented by the various stages of the filmmaking process. The challenge is also present in collaborative work, the ability to deliver ideas and participate in developing input from one’s colleagues.

What might you be looking for?

Do you wish to gain a brief yet comprehensive experience in the fields of directing, cinematography, sound design and editing? Our summer course may also serve as your summer university activity; the content of the studies is defined in ECTS credits and students obtain a Transcript of Records upon graduation.


Our program in a nutshell

  • 5 weeks of intense schooling by experienced professionals and teachers
  • Analogue film shooting, developing and editing to start with
  • Photographic exercises
  • 5 days at an A-class film festival as an industry pro
  • Major project developed, shot and edited in groups of 4
  • Good quality accommodation in the wider center of Prague
  • Cultural and historical excursions
  • Life changing experience: nothing is the same when we toast at the farewell lunch

When and how long?

Summer 2023: June 23 – July 28, five weeks

Who should apply?

Students, young aspiring professionals, creative people with certain artistic experience


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