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Would you like to become a filmmaker, but you are still not definitively decided in what capacity? Would you like to become a photographer? The Academy Preparation Program offers one year of intensive filmmaking/photography and academic disciplines with mentorship enabling the student to complete several art works by the end of the academic year. The program works well to prepare students for MA studies in a particular discipline.


The one-year Academy Preparation Program (APP) at FAMU International aims to provide its participants the opportunity to explore and become acquainted with the broad range of crafts, professions, arts and skills that comprise the cinematic/photographic endeavor on both a practical and theoretical level.

Filmmaking hands-on program includes a large variety of practical student projects and exercises in formats from HDV, HDSLR to 16mm and 35mm. There is also practical work within a TV studio environment (lighting exercises). Photography students gain the skills within Photography department. Projects are specifically designed for the program curriculum and are supervised by FAMU faculty and mentors. The production of all mandatory practical exercises and final film is included in the price of tuition.

Students enrolled in the one year Academy Program create their own study plan based on a combination of required – compulsory – courses, optional courses, electives, workshops and projects within their selected Major Concentrations. All courses, seminars and workshops award credits under the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

Teachers and mentors in the program include full-time faculty from the eleven degree-granting departments of FAMU, as well as other artists, academics and film professionals as part-time faculty.

As an entry-level course, the Academy Preparation Program is best suited for students interested in attaining a thorough background in audio-visual or photographic media before pursuing more in-depth studies in filmmaking and related media. While the program is designed as a general filmmaking/photographic course, it is nevertheless focused through MAJOR CONCENTRATIONS. Core courses taken by the student, mentor workshops and practical works completed will vary depending on each concentration.

MAJOR CONCENTRATIONS for 2019/2020 are: 
1. Screenwriting 
2. Directing Fiction 
3. Directing Documentary and Non-fiction 
4. Cinematography 
5. Editing and Creative Post-production 
6. Photography 
7. Animated Film

Each Major Concentration includes a small workshop (up to 6 students) led by a mentor. In the workshop students work under one-on-one tutorship and develop their practical assignments. Mandatory seminars and courses provide theoretical background for creative part of the study program. 
Core courses provide a broader education into both local and film/photography culture, and include classes and seminars in: 
1. Film History, Photography History, Theory and Criticism, 2. Arts and Culture. 
FAMU International also provides a wide range of short and intense Friday or weekend workshops (we call them Modules) that comprise a vital aspect of each student’s educational experience. 
The program starts in the middle of September and ends in the middle of May. Precise dates are given specifically for each year.

Core courses of each concentration leads to different creative outputs and participation of individual or collaborative work:

1. Screenwriting: small assignments during the year and participation on projects of others, a finished script for short film up to 25 min. The course covers film and television writing. 
Study plan of Screenwriting (subject to change during the term). 

2. Directing Fiction: filming exercises digital and 16mm with given creative limits, a portrait on digital, a final short film on 16mm 
Study plan of Directing (subject to change during the term). 

3. Directing Documentary and non-fiction: filming exercises digital and 16mm with given creative limits, a portrait on digital, a final film on 16mm or digital 
Study plan of Documentary (subject to change during the term).

4. Cinematography: filming exercises digital and 16mm with given creative limits, lighting exercises, DOP of directing student´s work, 35mm final etude 
Study plan of Cinematography (subject to change during the term).

5. Editing and Creative-Postproduction: filming exercises digital and 16mm with given creative limits, technical editor´s exercises, editors of directing student´s works 
Study plan of Editing (subject to change during the term).

6. Photography: digital and film exercises, studio and outdoor photography, darkroom process as well as digital postproduction, range of creative workshops to attend 
Study plan of Photography (subject to change during the term).

7. Animated Film: techniques and technologies of animated film – both hand-made and digital (computerized), structure of puppets and animation principles, simple hands-on exercises
Track description


All students will receive a transcript of completed courses in accordance with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). These credits are accepted by and transferable to universities, academies and advanced institutions of higher learning throughout the world. 
All students who successfully fulfill the requirements of their study plan will receive a Certificate from FAMU International. 

Please note that acceptance into the FAMU International one year Academy Preparation Program does not guarantee admission into further studies at FAMU, however the portfolio of main works completed within each concentration provides application material expected for most advanced studies of the discipline.

More details regarding the admission procedure and fees to be found here.