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Tomáš Doruška

Editor, director and producer.

He has participated in about 20 distribution projects, both feature films and international documentaries, screened at Annecy IFF and IDFA.

He has spent the last 20 years teaching at various universities, film schools and workshops (HFF, NYU, UTB, Anadolu, ADU, FIOFA, FilmArche,
Bi´Bak, AMII, Documentarist, VSMU, PWSFTViT, etc.)


Ivo Trajkov

Internationally acclaimed director, screenwriter, story editor and editing supervisor.

Three of his feature films were Macedonia's nominee for the best foreign-language film for Academy Awards.

As a story editor or editing supervisor he has participated on more than hundred feature films.

He is a co-founder of Midpoint Institute helping young filmmakers to success in developement of their films.

Tonička Janková

An editor of more than 30 films, cooperating
with acclaimed directors including her husband, documentary director and cinematographer Miroslav Janek or American independent cinema director Tom di Cillo.

Martin Čihák

An experimental filmmaker, editor and professor with more than 30 years of  academic work. Expert in theory of montage, history of avantgarde film and analog media.

Co-autor of a book Distance Montage of Artavazd Peleshyan (2017), reflecting an original approach of famous Armenian director.

His book The subterranean river of cinema (2014) is one of the most important contribution to czech film theory.

Adam Brothánek

An experienced film editor and lecturer at FAMU for the past 8 years.

Films he has edited were premiered in Cannes, Visions du Reel, Dok Leipzig and others.

Michal Reich

Talented feature film editor and script-editor.

Expert in narrative structures and film language.

Šimon Špidla

Leading Czech film editor, successful from early school years when he edited the winning film of Cinefondation Competition in Cannes.

He is a president of the Czech Association of Film Editors.