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Animated short drama Daughter of a student from the Department of Animation, Daria Kascheeva, celebrates another successes.

The German Neisse Film Festival awarded the author the prize for the best short film. The award, sponsored by the Student Council of the Zittau / Görlitz University, was decided by German actor, musician and filmmaker Jürgen Heimüller, Czech curator Jana Čížkovská and Polish filmmaker Michał Hytroś, who won the NFF Best Short Film award last year. In its reasoning, the jury stated:

"With her film "Daughter", Daria Kashcheeva takes us into a very special world. Unpolished papier-mâché figures in brittle, handmade settings tell a touching father-daughter conflict as a refreshing alternative to the child-schematic digital high-gloss look of most of the American blockbuster cinema. With sophisticated handheld camera optics and the intensive play with blurriness, Kashcheeva breathes an intimate life into the scenes, which carries us away into childhood memories full of awkwardness, misunderstandings and speechlessness. Especially the latter, because there is no dialogue in Kashcheeva's film. Instead, the excellent sound design makes us feel the longing for a comforting word all the more intensely. A film that not only gives wings to our fantasy."

The Neisse Film Festival takes place in the German cities of Grosshennersdorf and Zittau and in other border towns in Poland and the Czech Republic. This year it celebrates its 17th anniversary. It focuses on current filmmaking from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. The list of Czech films that have been screened at the festival in recent years is here.

Another significant success of the Daughter is her selection for the competition for the International Student Film Festival in Tel Aviv, for the International Competition section. Daughter is thus one of 40 films selected for the competition from a total of 350 entries.


29. September 2020