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Master’s Study Programs

Basic Characteristics of the Master Program

The Master’s study program is linked to the Bachelor’s study program completed at FAMU, other AMU faculties or other universities/colleges.  

Therefore, eligible applicants for admission in the Master’s study program at FAMU include:

  • Students in the 3rd year of the Bachelor’s study programs of all FAMU courses who wish to continue in the ensuing Master’s program immediately upon completing the Bachelor’s state examinations;
  • Graduates from the Bachelor’s study programs in all FAMU courses who have passed the Bachelor’s state examinations in the preceding years;  
  • Graduates from at least the Bachelor’s study programs at other AMU faculties or other universities/colleges in the Czech Republic or abroad.


The standard length of study based on the accreditation of the subsequent Master’s study program is two years (three years in the case of the Cinema and Digital Media program). The subsequent Master’s study program is completed with a final state Master’s examination and the granting of the “Master of Arts” (MgA) academic degree.

The specific requirements for admission to individual study programs of the individual Departments form a part of this declaration of admission procedure terms and conditions.

Degree programs taught in English:



Cinema and Digital Media - Directing