Dean’s Decree No. 4 / 2020

Dean’s Decree No. 4 / 2020

Issued further to the special measures of the Ministry of Health of 15 Aprill 2020, Ref. MZDR 16184/2020-1/MIN/KAN and Ref. MZDR 16195/2020-1/MIN/KAN, laying down exemptions from the prohibition of presence of students in tertiary schools and newly defining the exemption from the prohibition of free movement of people allowing travels within the Czech Republic for the purposes of reaching, examination or other university activities.

The prohibition of the students’ personal presence in lessons and examinations as part of university studies remains in force.

The prohibition of personal presence of students does not apply to:

a) Individual visits to libraries for the purposes of obtaining or returning study literature for students of all years,

b) Personal presence of students in their final year of studies in the following cases:
1. Consulting or examination in the presence of not more than five persons,
2. Artistic or experimental work including but not limited to working on final student works and graduate performance as part of studies in bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral programmes in the presence of not more than five persons.

Students are allowed to take part in the aforementioned forms of teaching, examinations or other university activities exclusively subject to the following conditions:

  • They are free from acute health problems corresponding to an infectious virus disease (e.g., fever, coughing, dyspnoea, sudden loss of the sense of taste and smell, etc.),
  • They shall disinfect their hands upon entering the classroom or examination room.
  • They shall submit a solemn declaration regarding the absence of symptoms of an infectious virus disease during the preceding two weeks.

The students in their final year of study may only stay and move about the school premises with equipment protecting their airways (nose, mouth) such as a respirator, face mask, surgical mask, scarf, shawl or other equipment.  

The aforementioned exemptions and measures take effect on 22 April 2020.


Mgr. Zdeněk Holý
Dean of FAMU


17. April 2020