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katedra FAMU International by Vás ráda informovala o možnosti zápisu masterclass hongkongské režisérky Mabel Cheung: https://sp.amu.cz/cs/predmet311MMMC.html 
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Mabel Cheung is one of the most recognized Hong Kong filmmakers and an important voice of women cinema. In her work she seamlessly blends a broad range of pressing topics with brilliant storytelling. Her style is transnational, traversing boundaries and nationalities to make complicated individuals living in complex periods and places. She most prominently dealt with such topics in her two films Illegal Immigrant (1985) and An Autumn's Tale (1987) but continues to do so with her latest To My Nineteen-Year-Old Self (2022). 

One of Mabel Cheung's greatest strengths as a filmmaker is her ability to tell these meaningful stories with ease and universal understandability. This masterclass will discuss such topics. What does it mean for her to be a director? Where she gets inspired and how she creates stories full of empathy and understanding? And much more. 

In order for the student to receive credit for the masterclass, student must attend at least one of the screenings of Mabel Cheung's film at Bio Oko as well. 


Friday, Dec 2, 2022 


Sunday, Dec 4, 2022 
Bio Oko 

17:00 To My Nineteen-Year-Old Self 
20:30 An Autumn's Tale 

Upon enrollment, students may attend the masterclass without attending the screening(s), but no credit will be granted in such case. 
Registration for free screenings: 


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