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Dear students from Ukraine,

we would like to invite you to a meeting with FAMU management regarding your possibilities in terms of studying at FAMU.

Thursday, 31 March,16:00
Join the meeting via this link.

Programme of the meeting:

1) Introduction of the team
2) Basic assistance and help
3) Current opportunity to study at FAMU
4) Study in the academic year 2022/2023 - Admission procedure

A) Basic assistance and help

Website of the faculty:

Website of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague:
AMU for Ukraine

Here you can find general information on accommodation, basic medical and financial assistance provided by the Czech Republic. As well as contacts for people who can help you.

Important information:
To study at FAMU you need to be under temporary protection of the Czech Republic.

What it means?
The first step is REGISTRATION. To register citizens of Ukraine coming to the Czech Republic for the armed conflict in Ukraine, Regional Assistance Centres for Ukraine (KACPU) have been established. The Centres provide registration of citizens of Ukraine with the Foreign Police, processing of special long-term visas and assistance in dealing with further stay in the Czech Republic. These steps are necessary to enable longer stay. Ukrainian citizens can obtain a special long-term visa or they can stay for 90 days without a

Short-term Accommodation
For short-term accommodation you can use a hostel in Beroun. We have to book this accommodation for you at the school, you cannot book it yourself.
Učební, výcvikové a ubytovací středisko Beroun | AMU

Quick financial help in times of need?
The Czech Republic will provide some social benefits. If you need immediate financial help, ask for it. We will deal with you individually. 

B) Current opportunity to study at FAMU

We are able to promptly enroll you in a FAMU degree program in the following cases:
- if you need to continue your studies - you need to be a student (residence permit, arrival in the Czech Republic)
- for granting scholarships At the moment you can study at FAMU only in a special program
- temporary study programme at FAMU. This means something like a “study stay” or “Erasmus-type student mobility”.

What it means?
- you will have student status
- only until the end of the academic year (September 2022)
- you will have an individual study plan - you can earn credits (ECTS) for the courses you take
- you can study according to your language options (in Czech or English)
- you can study according to your specialization and your artistic skills

If we enroll you at FAMU in this way, it does not mean:
- we can't issue you a diploma - you will not automatically receive a scholarship
- you will not automatically receive long-term accommodation in dormitories

What does an individual study plan mean?
- these are theoretical subjects only (no practical teaching)
- limited range of teaching subjects
- we will prepare items especially for you; for example, Czech language lessons
- special one-off teaching subjects; for example, guest lectures, film screenings

If you wish to study in this way, you must attend an individual enrollment session. We will first enroll you in a course of study and then set up an individual study plan. This type of study can be used as preparation for full-time study at FAMU in one of the offered study programmes.

C) Study in the academic year 2022/2023 - Admission procedure

Starting this week, we can prepare individual entrance exams for you according to the new law. Applicants from Ukraine are exempt from fees. Evidence of previous education you can provide an affidavit instead. As we are an art school, we cannot accept you into a regular studio without an entrance talent test.

Offer of study programmes at FAMU:

Masters degree
We will be accepting applications for the Master's program in Czech starting July 15. We currently have open admissions to these programs in English: Master's Study Programs | FAMU

Study in English for a fee.

Bachelor's degree programmes
The admission procedure for the Bachelor's degree programmes for 2022/2023 is already closed, but we can arrange individual examinations for those interested from Ukraine.

We are unable to say at this time exactly what the entrance exams for bachelor's degree programmes will look like. This will be determined by the individual departments of the school. We will keep you updated on the progress.

You can download these information here.

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