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The Department of Cinematography invites you to a seminar/module 'Camera in Documentary film' with cinematographers Joao Atala (BRA), Ben Page (GB/USA) and Bill Turnley (USA).  

The dates are as follows:

Joao Atala: April 21, 15h – 17h
Bill Turnley: May 19, 15h – 17h 
Ben Page: TBC

The three cinematographers represent very different segments of documentary filmmaking. Joao Atala is a DOP working with top Brazilian and international directors on films produced by Netflix and other major companies. He also shoots commercials and music videos. Ben Page is a director/cinematographer who very often shoots, as one-person crew, adrenalin-charged films around the world. He produces a high visual quality content, shot with simple means by a single dedicated creator. Bill Turnley is a veteran of a classic documentary cinematography school, seasoned over decades in tough geographical and political environments. He will cover issues such as cooperation with a director, ethics of documentary filmmaking, camera work as both technical and intellectual process. 

In case you will have a question, please, contact Michal Baumbruck (michal.baumbruck@famu.cz) from the Department of Cinematography.

16. dubna 2021