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Operations and running of the DAMU from Monday 21 December (until 31 December 2020):

Operations and running of the DAMU from Monday 21 December (until 31 December 2020):

Following the government resolution No. 1335 from 14 December 2020 the subsequent operations and running of the Theatre Faculty will be in force from Monday 21 December 2020 (effective until 31 December 2020):

  • Contact artistic education is allowed only for art subjects with the final year students of the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs with a maximum of 20 students.
  • The personal presence of postgraduate students in lessons within their doctoral study programs is allowed.
  • Individual personal consultations of students of all years and fields with lecturers are allowed under the condition that all necessary health safety regulations are kept (covering of airways, disinfection and hand washing, keeping distance); if further use of online/electronic means of consultation is possible, it is recommended.
  • All other education is organised exclusively by distance education – the contact form of education of CŽV courses remains forbidden. Movement and singing lectures are not the major focus of DAMU students, or rather a crucial part of their study programs, therefore, they will continue to be taught via distance education.
  • Lecturers are allowed to continue to use the premises and the technical facilities of the faculty for the purpose of distance teaching.
  • DISK Theatre: It is allowed to rehearse productions of the final year students of study courses/programs while keeping the rule of the maximum of allowed students (20). All theatre productions are cancelled.
  • All people arriving at the premises of DAMU are obliged to cover their airways (face mask, respirator, etc.) and disinfect their hands when entering the building.
  • The regulation of the Dean and secretary of DAMU regarding the operations and running of the academy during the 2020 Christmas holidays and turn of the 2020/2021 years is still valid. The faculty premises will be open as follows:  21 and 22 December 2020 from 8 am to 8 pm, Wednesday 22 December 2020 only from 8 am to 1 pm, 28 to 30 December 2020 from 8 am to 8 pm, on Thursday 31 December 2020 (Dean’s day) – the building is closed.

Students of DAMU:

  • Personal presence in lectures is allowed only to students of the final year of bachelor’s or master’s degree programs and students of postgraduate study programs under the condition of observance of the maximum number of students limit (20) – only these students are allowed to individually or separately rehearse in the classrooms and on the premises of the faculty (without the presence of the lecturer) after they have previously reported such activity to the department secretary, who will present the list of such students, including the number of the room and exact rehearsal time to the DAMU reception in advance.
  • Individual consultations of students with lecturers are allowed after previous reporting to the department secretary, who presents the date and place of such individual consultation in advance at the DAMU reception.

Operations of the administrative staff remains undisturbed (all administrative workers are present at the workplace during their working hours).

Library opening times: The library will operate in regular opening hours (10 am to 5 pm) until 22 December 2020 (only loans and returns of books, book loans need to be reserved online in advance), study room remains closed, from 23 to 28 December 2020 the library will be closed, 29 and 30 December 2020 – limited operations from 10 am to 2 pm, on 31 December 2020 the library will be closed.

Academic Office: will be closed

PC room: will be closed

DAMU reception: remains open 24/7

  • Regarding students of the final year and postgraduate students: the department secretary will present a list of names of those students to the DAMU reception every day in advance (also stating the room number and time of where and when the lecture or rehearsal will take place) – the receptionist on duty lets students into the building based on the list he or she gets from the departments.
  • Individual consultations of students with lecturers – students of all years and fields/programs: the department secretary presents a list of announced individual consultations for the day (includes department, name of student + name of lecturer, time, room number).
  • Students of other (not final) years are allowed to enter the faculty only for exceptional reasons (library, department secretary visit) – see above. The receptionist on duty, who lets students into the building, will write the student’s name down in the registration book and announce their entrance (based on the purpose of the visit) to the DAMU library/secretary office of the concerned department.


Mgr. MgA. Doubravka Svobodová, Dean of DAMU

Ing. Iva Štveráková, Secretary of DAMU

21. prosinec 2020