Results of the BMW Stories competition 15.01.2015
Dear Applicants!
thank you again for your proposals and your participation in the competition #BMWSTORIES!
The long process of the final selection of your submissions has been completed by the internal FAMU & BMW committee and the results are as follows:
1st prize: 60.000 CZK
Matej Samal
2nd prize: 50.000 CZK
Lukas Hrdy
3rd prize: 30.000 CZK
Prakruti Kale
If some from projects listed above cannot be realized, than the alternate project is: Surjan Kinshuk - with the proviso that some changes in the script must be done regarding the speed limit in CZ.
Jayme Davis's proposal seems to be too demanding on production and exceeding financial possibilities of the competition.
Jan Kobler´s script was not accepted, because the sexual overtone of the proposed script does not follow rules of the competition.
The final date for submission of your stories was set for - Tuesday 31st of March 2015 - supervising producer behalf of FAMU Mr.Tomas Simon will contact you with production details.
Let us congratulate the winners, and let us thanks a lot to other participants in the competition - it was not the last chance to take part in #BMWSTORIES! - stay tuned!
Best regards,
FAMU & BMW committee